LiveView Watch Type1 Plugin



NOTE:You need Sony Ericsson LiveView device to use this software (This app is not for Smartwatch / Smartwatch2)

Shows nice designed watch with power, signal, mode status. Also change mode and sound level. Other plugin types with different watch face also available.

Left top icon shows when device is turned on
right 3 icon shows mode, signal strength, and battery of device (not liveview battery)

Tap on right or left on liveview to change to mode change or sound level change screen.

In mode change screen, tap on up/down on liveview to change between normal / silent / vibrate mode.

In sound level change screen, tap on up/down for same as up/down key on device. Tap on right-top physical button to enter detailed sound control mode. Use right/left/up/down on liveview screen to change each sound.

When part of display is not showing correctly, hold right or left for few seconds, and it will refresh all contents of display.


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