Locale Wifi Hotspot Plug-in



This is a plug-in for Locale ($10) or Tasker (5 CHF), which allows you to turn on/off the Wifi Hotspot functionality of your phone automatically.


To manually turn on/off the Hotspot functionality, use the "Hotspot Toggle" widget instead.

Please do not rate this app with 1 star if you failed to read or understand the previous paragraphs, because that is not the problem of this software. Thanks.

For Android 2.2 - Android 5.1. It uses an unsupported (but publicly available) API, so it might not work on your phone.

If you use the plugin, please rate it.

Note: This plug-in does NOT make your phone hotspot-capable if it was not before. It is also not intended to avoid any costs charged on you by the provider for using the Wifi Hotspot (Mobile AP).

If it does not work for you:
- Try turning on/off the hotspot functionality of your phone.
- Try using the "Hotspot Toggle" widget.

If you report failure, please report whether the ones above worked or not. Thanks!

Tested by me on the following phones (and it works):
- Google Nexus 1
- Google Nexus S
- Google Nexus 5 with Android 5.0 Lollipop.
- Samsung Galaxy Tab
- Samsung Galaxy S III (I9300)

Reported by users:
- Google Nexus 6
- Google Nexus 5 (Android KitKat) (1 report)
- Google Nexus 4 (1 report)
- Google Nexus 1 (1 report)
- Google Galaxy Nexus (1 report)
- Samsung Galaxy S 4 (1 report)
- Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini (1 report)
- Samsung Galaxy S II Epic (1 report)
- Samsung Galaxy S II (4 reports)
- Samsung Galaxy Ace (1 report)
- Samsung Galaxy S (1 report)
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) (2 reports)
- Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) (1 report)
- Dell Streak (1 report)
- HTC EVO (2 reports)
- HTC EVO 4G (1 report)
- HTC Desire (1 report)
- HTC Desire X (1 report)
- HTC Droid Razr (1 report)
- HTC Incredible 2 (1 report)
- HTC One V (1 report)
- HTC One SV (1 report)
- HTC m8 (1 report)
- LG Esteem (MS910) (1 report)
- Motorola Droid II (1 report)
- Motorola Droid Bionic (2 report)
- Motorola Moto G (1 report)
- Motorola Droid Maxx (1 report: on works, off doesn't)
- US Cellular SCH-R760 (Samsung Galaxy S II variant, 1 report)

Reported not working:
- HTC Wildfire (2 reports)
- HTC Wildfire S (1 report)
- HTC Sensation (2 reports)
- Touch 4G (1 report)
- HTC Thunderbolt (1 report)
- Verizon HTC Rezound (3 reports)

Please share your experience directly with me (by email) and I'll add your phone to the list. Reports last updated: 2015-05-02.

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