Lock-off timer



When you use this app, you can so you do not receive the unlock screen lights up when you leave the terminal screen.
In addition, the screen turns off when the time has passed a certain period of time, it is possible to automatically turn off the lock release function, you can safely forget to release the lock release function.

The Settings screen is displayed when you launch the app.
If you check the "Use lock function off", lock release function will be turned on.
Since then, the screen lights up when the unlock screen will not be displayed.
To cancel this feature, please uncheck this item.

Also, if you check the "Use the timer function" is too much time off of the screen time that you set in the item "Set Timer", turn off the lock release function automatically turns off.

※ does not work that sets the pattern unlock.

Models tested
· Xperia (SO-01B)

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