Our smartphones are plenty of personal data (photos, e-mail address, bank details, etc.), what to do in case of theft or loss?
This application allows you to lock your phone by sending a sms with 'lock' the phone number - A trusted person - set in the application. In "your" phone will be restored if the alarm is not present (if you lost at home for example) and will be stuck with the pin already selected which in turn will send IMEI and pin itself, it is also possible to format external sd. After 5 errors in entering your pin will go to factory reset the phone or you can send another text message with the word "wipe" to force reset of the phone.

Features Summary:

- remote lock (sms "lock");
- Remote wipe (sms "wipe");
- Addition ringtone ;
- Format external sd (sms "formatsd");
- Location through Cell ID;
- Dual phone number ( LOCKI_PRO ) ;

Data on sms:

IMEI: International Mobile Station Equipment Identity;
PIN: Personal Identification Number;
MCC: Mobile country code;
MNC: Mobile network code;
CID: Cell ID;
LAC: Local Area Code;
http://maps.google.com/maps?q=coordinates repeater.

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