Locus -The Simple Phone Finder



Locus - The Simple Phone Finder.

Locus makes it simpler than ever to find your lost device. Lose your phone? Simply send a text message to yourself from a friends phone with any of the Locus commands:

Help - Sends this list of commands
Find - Sends the coordinates and address of this phone, as well as a Google map
Ring - Rings the phone until found

Locus will prompt you for your password before executing any commands, keeping your personal information safe.

Locus allows you to securely retrieve your phones location or make it ring by only using text messages (with password verification).

Commands coming soon:
-Lock - Locks phone to protect personal information
-Wipe - Remotely deletes all data on this phone

Features coming soon:
-Send your location to friends simply by sending them a text message with the words "Locus location"
-Ring or Locate your phone from our website

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