Lost Phone Tracker Premium



Protect your important data(SMS, Emails etc) and track your Lost Phone and get it Back.

A revolutionary App, Solves every problem related to Phone Lost

This app has Artificial Intelligence Codes and detects the Phone Lost and SIM Change.

App sends SMS with
1: Currently used Phone Number on Lost Phone
2: Exact current GPS Location
3: Last 5 recent Calls(with Name and Number) dialed/received on your Lost Phone

App locks your SMS, Email and Other Important Data and can only be accessed after entering password.

If the GPS is Off The App itself turn on the GPS and Sends the Location to You.

The name of the App is "My Phone" so that Other People can not guess what the App does.

App detects about the loss of Phone on the Basis of Patterns like how often you can, whom you call, on what time you call, whom you SMS and many other things.

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