Luminosity change Widget



It is a brightness change widget of a screen.

To one widget, since it is possible to set up one brightness, change becomes possible by one-touch by arranging two or more widgets at favorite brightness.

1. A widget is arranged to a home screen.
2. Since a setting screen opens, choose the widget currently displayed as New.
3. Put in a check, make change and a bar slide to "use is possible", and change into favorite brightness.
4. A push on the widget arranged by 1. will change brightness.

arrange two or more widgets, please repeat 1...3.

"Update time" of a setting screen has set up 1000 ms (1 second) by default.
Please return a setup, when the after-change widget does not operate a value.
Example: At least 100 ms can operate at Xperia SO-03D.

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