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(From now on this app has the AIR engine built-in, you may uninstall the separate Adobe AIR app if you wish.)

The perfect app for any and all kinds of round-robin tournaments where everybody meets everybody!

Includes a bunch of bonus features for people that play the card game "Magic: The Gathering". However Magic Tournament Wizard is not only for MTG players -- it works for all kinds of events where you need to keep track of score!

The various counters intended for Magic: TG can of course be used for other purposes as well, such as minding factors inside a round (for example when one round consists of several sub-rounds).

Magic Tournament Wizard is not intended soley for the person managing the current tournament, it is also the perfect tool for participants!



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+ Quick to get going
+ Easy to manage
+ Offers a good overview
+ Live results
+ No hassle with names (if you don't bother)
+ Supports player names
+ Supports player notes
+ 10 easily separated colors
+ "Score nudgers" for a more just tournament
+ Tiebreakers
+ Play all vs all or don't
+ Supports 100 players and/or 100 rounds
+ Odd or even player number is supported
+ Define the amount of points given
+ Negative scores supported


+ Constant auto-save
+ Smart loading
+ Zoom, rotate, drag... customize your view
+ Smart dragging


+ Keep track of Life, Poison and Mana
+ Up to 10 players supported
+ 60 additional counters
+ Colorable counters
+ Zoom, rotate, drag... customize your view here too
+ Viewable from several angles
+ Counters for both you and your opponent
+ You can do a coin toss with the application


+ Powerful randomizer
+ Calculator
+ Global notes
+ Timer (Stopwatch)


+ Easy to use
+ It's fast to change content
+ Smooth animations
+ Value change clarification
+ Pressed arrows glow for a while
+ Menu short-hand


For a much more detailed and understandable explanation of the app features:

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