Magnetic Bearing



As a sailor you know how essential it is to regularly check the position of your ship during the voyage. Any coastal feature that can be seen by the navigator, can be used for this purpose. The Cross Bearing Fix is probably the most common for position finding. To achieve it, bearing sights on at least 2-3 fixed objects should be taken over the widest arc and over the shortest period of time.

Normally you use a compass to take the bearings, but nowadays's gadgets, just like your mobile phone can also be used for this purpose as it contains a magnetometer. This utility allows you to take as many bearing as you wish by sighting the coastal feature with the built-in camera and taking a picture of it. Along with the picture the magnetic bearing and the time stamp is saved for later reference when you are doing your chart-work.

Features include:

• List of bearings with time stamp and picture
• Continuous camera view for coastal feature identification
• Continuous read-out of magnetic bearing, roll and pitch for correct camera handling
• Automatic zoom-in for better coastal feature identification
• Calibration, in case of local magnetic interference

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