Magnetic Screen Lock




    Do you need magnet case for your device but your device does not supported screen locked by magnet?

    We will change your magnetic sensor to screen locked sensor for magnet case.
    Just download this application > Open it > Turn it on > Finish.
    when your device near with any magnet object your phone will locked the screen automatically.

    Check to ensure that your device have magnetic sensor.

    • Locked the screen automatically when your device near a magnet and wake when magnet move away.
    • Run on boot when you activated it on last time before turn off your device.
    • Calibrate magnetic force to set minimum value for locked the screen.

    ** This application not work on Galaxy Nexus **
    Because a problem in magnetic sensor on this device

    Working on
    • Samsung Nexus 10 (Support magnetic case)
    • Samsung Nexus S
    • Asus Nexus 7 (Support magnetic case)
    • Asus MeMo Pad Smart 10
    • LG Optimus G Pro

    Not worked on
    • Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    For uninstall
    • You need to disable this app on Settings > Security > Device administrators before uninstall this app.

    Please tell me if it work on your device or not, thanks!

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