This is magnifier for android use it for magnifying text and other daily objects using you device camera.

A decent magnifier.
Contain feature to zoom in and zoom out via volume up down keys ,Effect are hidden but can used with small "e" button .
If camera flash is not supported on your device flash  icon will disappear.

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Magnifying Glass with full-screen by using camera zoom , support  auto-focus.

1.Magnifier with many focusing mode.Auto focus ,Macro focus, Infinite focus.
2.Multiple zooming scheme available (use +,- ui keys or top ui bar or hardware volume rocker to change zoom)
3.Freeze images so you can easily read the magnified image.
4.Flash light .Even in darkness app can be used as magnifier use bulb icon to on/off flash.
5.Support Negative color,Sepia,Mono,Aqua,Blackboard,Whiteboard,Solarize,
Posterize effects Use "e" button to show effect panel 
6.Snap available.(use camera hardware button or camera icon to snap a picture)
7.Gallery view to view images.

This is the Digital Magnifier you only need
Please, take into account that the quality of the image and the magnification level depend directly on the quality of the camera and its zoom because they are the lens of the magnifier.
The maximum zoom level depend on the device

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