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Magnify text input fields, move cursor and select text when copying, all by simply sliding finger on the keyboard. Also magnify to quickly move the cursor, even to the edges of the screen. Use magnifier to quickly correct typos while texting.

The magnifier works great for precision copy and pasting of text. The magnifying glass also makes editing tricky form and web text fields a snap!

Recent Updates:
1. Word Suggestions - Saves time and typos
2. Change Keyboard Style - Choose from five styles to change the look and color of the keyboard
E-mail us what other styles you would like to and your's will be next!

* Magnify text input fields and cursor for precision
* Easily move cursor by sliding finger on keyboard
* Select, copy and paste by sliding finger on keyboard
* Magnifier is great for fast corrections when texting
* High-contrast magnifying glass for easy reading
* Access options quickly from icon or swipe up on keyboard
* Adjustable keypress click/vibrate (Haptic Feedback)
* Extensive word suggestion dictionary save time and typos

We want to hear from you about Magnify Input!
E-mail your feature requests to

We also offer free, friendly support if you have any questions or need help with a feature.

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