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Malwarebytes Secure Backup stores your photo, music, and financial records in the cloud. You’ll never have to worry about losing your files again.

And it is the only backup that scans your files for viruses and other malware before they are uploaded from your home computer.

Your hard drive crashes. You hit “Save” without thinking and an important version is overwritten and lost forever.

Someone accidentally deletes all the wedding pics. You restore an infected file to your new computer and end up having to start all over again.

Stuff happens.

Having a backup is a good idea. Having a backup that you can be confident is completely free of malware is a better idea.

Malwarebytes Secure Backup automatically backs up your important documents, music, photos, and videos to our state-of-the-art online data center. And these files are transmitted using military-grade encryption for complete safety.

But before Malwarebytes Secure Backup uploads a file from your home computer, it scans the file for malware using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. So now you can confidently save files that you know are clean. And you can share these clean files with friends by simply sending URL links to the files stored at our data centers.

Unlike other backup services, Malwarebytes Secure Backup won't allow you to back up, restore, or share infected files or malware. It's just a good idea...made better.

• Backs up your files to a secure cloud server
• Shares only malware-free files with your friends
• Manages backups and restores from any web browser or supported mobile device
• Offered in convenient 50, 100, and 200 GB plans

The only online backup that protects against malware

• Eliminates worrying about lost files
• Remembers to back up when you don’t
• Reduces the threat of saving or spreading infected files
• Uses backup technology named “The top-rated backup solution” by PC Magazine

Never worry about losing your photos, music, or financial records again.

Files are backed up automatically to a secure server according to a schedule you set. Every version of a backed up file is archived. Every backed up file that is deleted from Malwarebytes Secure Backup is archived. So every file can always be retrieved. Relax, you’ll never lose anything again.

Know your backup files are malware-free

What’s the point of storing infected files? Malwarebytes Secure Backup automatically scans your files uploaded from your home computer with the powerful Malwarebytes Anti-Malware engine. So your backup is not only safe, but clean.

Back up all your devices, one license

Most backup services limit the amount of the devices you can back up. Not Malwarebytes Secure Backup. You can back up as many different Window, iOS, and Android devices and drives as you want. One license, one reasonable price, everything, from everywhere, backed up. It’s as easy as that.

Share a file, not malware

Want to share a file with a friend? Well, it just got simpler. Malwarebytes Secure Backup sends an email to your friend with a download link to the chosen file. It’s easier than emailing an attachment. And you know you’re not sending malware.


• Seamless integration with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free version or Pro, but must be downloaded to your Window computer separately)
• Backs up to the cloud and/or local drives
• Convenient 50, 100, and 200 GB plans
• Unlimited device backup
• Unlimited file versioning (only the largest version of the archived file counts against your storage allotment)
• Deleted files archived
• Automatic backups
• Web management portal
• Network drive and external drive support

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