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This application is used to calculate a variety of physical or mathematical formulas. Applications also can convert values ​​into different units. Each page also contains a picture and caption. MP calculations are suitable for tutoring and control tasks of secondary school, but definitely it will find other uses. The application is simple, easy and fast.


This solver can really much.
2D Shapes:
- Square
- Circle
- Rectangle
- Triangle
- Rhombus
- Parallelogram
- Polygon
- Circular sector

3D Shapes:
- Cube
- Ball
- Cuboid
- Pyramid
- Cylinder
- Cone

- Density
- Electric power
- Gravitatly energy
- Kinetic energy
- Frequency
- Resistance
- Work
- Velocity
- Heat
- Weight
- Pressure
- Hydrostatic pressure
- Power
- Buoyant force
- Acceleration
- Constant linear acceleration
- Momentum

- Sine
- Cosine
- Tangents
- Exponentiation
- Rule of Three
- Equation

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