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    **Now Celebrating Over 5000 lines of code***

    **Warning this is an alpha version, the app is incomplete and no number given by it should be considered correct until the app is actually release, you have been warned**

    **This project has been orphaned. No one is currently developing it as the project was too large for one programmer to manage.**

    Ever hated the fact that good graphing calculators are so expensive. When you have to have a good calculator but you don't want to pay $100, you can't do the work properly, and you can't get it done without hours of work, or at least an internet connection. Well now there is Mathulator.

    It makes no sense that you have a phone or a tablet that is capable of doing everything that expensive calculator can do but still have to get it anyway. Not anymore. Mathulator aims to be the ultimate calculator, capable of doing anything those amazing graphing calculators can do, in color, with a touchscreen, and in your pocket wherever you are.

    For those of you who are familiar with those fancy-shmancy it will still fit right in. The syntax and input is the same format as most new Texas Instruments calculators with only a few exceptions.

    or if you want to take a look at the source check out

    As of now there is a lot of Mathulator that doesn't work. Even more of it hasn't been written yet. There is very little left to do before the app is taken into beta. The last of it being an entire code cleanup that will fix hundreds of things that don't work quite properly yet. The reason why some things are being put out there broken is to see how issues come up most often to find the best ways. Other things are broken simply because the code that actually does the math is what need the overhaul the most so we will fix all the math code at once. So if there is a function that isn't working or an error where there shouldn't be during evaluation it will probably stay that way until beta. However if there is a problem with the interface we will try to fix it by the next update.

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