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Max Unit Converter is one of the most comprehensive converters on the market. It is easy to use. It is designed by an experienced developer. The goal of the Max Unit Converter is to help people in everyday life. We also made the app pleasant to look at from aesthetic point of view.
The Unit Converter
The Unit Converter has many uses. Let's say you are on a limited budget, your car just died and you have an interview coming up. Most likely you will want to rent a car. You are on a limited budget, remember? Use The Unit Converter to figure out how much money you need to spend on gas to get to the interview and come back home. Use Fuel Consumption calculator - part of the Unit Converter - to get the right idea. Our Fuel Consumption converter works when you want to use kilometers/liters or miles/gallons. This is just one example of how The Unit Converter can simplify your everyday life. "What else this magic converter can do for me?", you might ask. Here are some examples of conversions:
• Angle - circle, degree, gon
• Area - acre, square mile, inch, meter
• Data storage - bit, byte, gigabyte, zip, jaz
• Energy - btu, therm, joule, calorie
• Force - newton, dyne, force
• Fuel consumption - kilometer/liter, mile/gallon
• Length - meter, kilometer, miles, yard, inch, caliber
• Power - calorie/hour, pound-foot/minute, volt ampere, erg/second, watt, horsepower
• Pressure - pascal, bar, psi, torr
• Temperature - Celsius, also known as centigrade, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine, Newton, Reaumur, Roemer
• Velocity - meter/second, mile/hour, foot/minute, knot, mach
• Volume - cubic meter, cubic foot, dram, taza, barrel
• Weight and Mass - proton mass, gerah, poundal, gram, pound
The Currency Converter
It shows 5 different currencies at the same time. You can start conversion using any of them. This is the app to install on your mobile phone just before going abroad for business or pleasure. You want to keep an eye on your expenses, right? Many restaurants in new places are so attractive! Let's say you are planning to go to France. What if you want to try Boeuf Bourguignon - beef stewed in red wine - but have no clue how much it's going to cost? What if it costs an arm and a leg to taste it? Don't worry. It's not a problem once you install The Currency Converter.
You get 170+ currencies to choose from. All you need to do is to select the currency and enter the amount you want to convert. The currency converter calculator uses the instant exchange rates. That's why it is important to have the internet connection to update instantly.
The Time Zone Converter
Not too much to explain here - a lot of people stayed awake while traveling at the time when they should be sleeping. How do you prevent that? Use time Zone Converter to prepare yourelf psychologically to prevent this problem.
The Time Zone Converter shows 3 times zones at the same time. You can convert from any of them.
Download Max Unit Converter to experience the magic power of it. Life becomes much less frustrating when you have the right tools in your pocket. You have nothing to lose. Download it and start using it ASAP to simplify your life.

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