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Now you can save your battery up to 50%  Maximize Battery Saver is a battery saver app where it is designed to improve and extend your battery life at the best possible condition. It uses a smart way where it controls your Wi-Fi and 2G+ network in order to keep your battery life live longer.

It provides an easy and friendly user interface environment to monitor your battery level, as well it accurately estimates remaining battery time until battery drain and the time when battery is fully charged. Moreover you can know the current battery status and important information including:

Battery Information:

• Health of battery:  Know if it is in a good condition or overheats.
• Temperature indicates the current battery temperature
• Status presents when battery is full, charging or not.
• Power Source indicator
• Battery voltage level
• Technology of battery

Battery Availability Time:

• Standby Time
• Talk Time
• Audio Playback
• Video Playback
• Web Surfing
• Games
• Navigation

The Maximize Battery Saver app makes a Diagnosis of Battery Life of your device and finds all the components that affect your battery. Therefore you are able to recognise all these drain components where decrease your battery life. Also it gives the option where can terminate all the unnecessary components and increase your battery life.

Major Components Of Battery Drain:

• Running applications
• Brightness
• Auto Lock screen
• Bluetooth
• Auto Synchronisation
• Haptic Feedback
• Data Enabled

With this android app you can save time as it enables and disables the Wi-Fi or 2G+ as it is controlled automatically. So don’t worry if you forget it, as the Maximize Battery Saver app takes care of it. Simply enable the “Power Saving Mode” and choose the applications once, where a connection is needed. It indicates your battery level and time that your device needs to charge or drain. The app informs you when your battery is fully charged and you unplug your device from the power source. Additionally you get informed about all the current running applications in the background on your Android device and can easily stop any unnecessary apps by tapping on it.

Just have a try and see the improvement of your battery!

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