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ASTIN SMS APPROVER is software that expedite the approval process in all the flavors of MAXIMO i.e. SCCD, EAM, TSRM, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Utility, Real Estate etc. MAXIMO Users receive all the instruction (Actions) required to complete the MAXIMO workflow assignments. It works with all the cell phones available in the market. Users can respond to that SMS to route the workflow to the next level.

ASTIN SMS APPROVER is a simple tool designed specifically for MAXIMO, it instantly provisions to approve Tickets (SR, Incidents, and Problems), Change, Assets, Work Orders, Purchase Orders etc., in different MAXIMO flavors according to the workflow design, and the recipient can also route the workflow as they are routing the workflow from MAXIMO UI by simply replying to the SMS.

Faster Approval Process and Information Flow

Automatic Approval Process on single SMS without opening MAXIMO UI
Single Reply SMS to complete assignment
Support all flavors of MAXIMO
No any login requirements, only phone number need to be registered in MAXIMO user data

Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime

Works everywhere and automates approval process anytime, supports two-way communication
SMSing with any SMS API, GSM modem. Works in most of GSM network countries with all available SMBs
Works with Special number services for promotion purpose too

Automate and Expedite the Complete process

Increased efficiency, expedite the complete process via quicker and more direct response
End user satisfaction gain via faster resolutions, simplifying the monitoring of the complete process life
Fully utilized in labor deployment and maintenance performance

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