mccPILOTCAL for pilots converts aviation units, calculates Mach/Airspeed, decodes Snowtam and converts money currencies.

•convert 8 different Weight units
•convert 8 different Fluid units
•convert 8 different Surface units
•convert 8 different Speed units, including Beaufort
•convert 8 different Distance units
•convert 6 different Angle units, including % Slope
•convert 4 different Temperature units
•convert 8 different Pressure units
•convert 8 different Power units, including Jet Engine Thrust K
•calculate Fuel Uplift when you get the fuel receipt
•calculate Endurance
•calculate Fuel Range
•calculate Track Time
•convert Mach-CAS-EAS-TAS using TAT or SAT
•calculate Fuel Uplift
•decode Snowtam (MOTNE format - e.g. 75493925 )
•calculate Wind Triangle from Wind, Groundspeed, TAS, Heading or Course
•convert 8 different Money Currencies, with automatic rates download and ability to enter local currency for your country

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