Meeting Profile (single beep)



- Enable/disable single beep when call/SMS is received
- Enable/disable vibrate to support beep
- Adjust beep volume
- Activate/deactivate beep on certain times of the day
- Select days of week when automatic enable/disable works
- Select from predefined third-party apps that Meeting Profile will monitor and notify when notifications are received
- Widget to activate/deactivate beep
- (For ICS and latter) toggle vibrate from notification
- (For ICS and latter) toggle beep from notification

Known Problems:
- Does not work with second sim (no beep)
- Does not work with some BT headsets (beep comes from phone instead of headset)

Make one beep when someone calls or sends an SMS. You can adjust beep volume and vibration.

The whole concept is simple: application uses built in vibrate and silent sound profiles and applies beep sound when call or SMS is received.

Keep forgetting to turn silence mode on? No problem, You can now schedule when profile is activated and when deactivated. You also can choose the days of week when Meeting Profile uses this feature (e.g workdays)

Using built in accessibility service, You now can choose from predefined applications that Meeting Profile will monitor and beep when notification is received. Predefined apps include: Facebook (+messenger), GMail, Stock email, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Skype, Calendar etc.

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