Let's easily transfer image and video files to your PC and share with your friends!
    Stop carrying your heavy desk-top for presentation and just carry your files on your Smart device with Mento Present.
    Control your files such as image, video files by using remote control functions of Mento Present.

    Mento Present supports customers to anotate / transmit files on Smart devices easily and to remote control the files with your PC.
    All kinds of files(such as image, video files) can be shared with all audiences in same wireless network service. (ex: wifi)
    If audience use Mento Present on their smart devices, the audience can capture the screen what they want and transfer files to your own smart devices easily.
    Mento Present absolutely solves problems of inconvenience that the lecturer send their files to all audiences.

    Through Mento Present server on your PC, customers can use many kinds of functions(such as drawing, painting, delete, screen-capture, recording) and also each-file can be shared with Mento Present program.
    Lecture recording and lecture screen-capture functions are provided and users can download recorded video files from Mento Present server for preparing and reviewing lessons.
    Mento Present provides the basic management system to control files in your smart deviese and also provides bagic viewer function.

    Now let's use Mento present for your powerful presentation and make your convenient life!

    ========= Main Features ==========
    1. File transfer function (required the Mento Present server)
    - Files in Smart devices are synchronized with PC in real-time.
    - PC and Smart devices can transfer files to each other without a PC connection cable, also can be used for interactive backup.

    2. Remote Presentation function (required the Mento Present server)
    - Files that are already on your PC can be performed from a long distance away.
    - Powerpoint Presentation management (Move forward and back pages, closing files etc)
    - Image file management (Image Maximization / Minimization etc)
    - Vedio file management (Play, Stop, Maximization / Minimization etc)

    3. Presentation files import function (required the Mento Present server)
    - During presentation, presenter can capture the screen in real-time, and also presenter can transfer their files to audience in real-time.
    - Images and videos files can be downloaded into your own smart devices and also you can appreciate them on your smart devices.

    4. File sharing function
    - Files in smart devices can be shared with other smart devices or Mento Present.
    - Without any connection cables, Mento Present can be shared files via Bluetooth. (or Wi-fi)

    5. File management and Screen viewer function
    - Mento Present provides the basic file management and Viewer functions.
    If you are performing other file viewer, Mento Present will be linked with them automatically.
    - No more needed extra program to manage files by providing the basic file management system of Mento Present.

    6. Whiteboard Annotation system
    - Provides additional features such as writing and painting functions for your files in Smart devices.
    - Lecturer's presentation files can be downloaded, and then users can annotate directly or save or re-present with your Smart devices.
    - Image Editor functions are planned to provide in soon.

    ===========Usage ===============
    1. After downloading Mento Present server, install it on your PC.

    2. Connect Smart devices with your PC in same wifi service area.

    3. Input IP adrress of your pc in the Mento Present setting screen.

    4. Now you are available to transfer and share all your files.

    * Mentor Present download server address
    - Connect to and then download the server program.

    * Keywords: Remote Present / Mento Present / File Sharing / File Transmission Management / Annotation Viewer / Presentation Remote Bluetooth

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