Metal Detector - Magnetometer




    Turn your phone or tablet into a metal detector!
    This app can help you find metal by using the built in compass/magnetometer.

    - Smart alert level setting
    - Pinch to zoom the graph
    - Vibration alert
    - Sound / beep alert

    Please note: This app can only detect magnetic/electromagnetic fields and not all metals are magnetic (e.g. coins), thus your results may vary from metal to metal. If you use a phone case with any metal in it, then this may affect your readings. Nearby computers, TVs, fridges, etc. which contains magnetic fields and may interfere with your readings.

    How to use:
    - Set the alert level my moving the yellow pointer.
    - Enable or disable vibration and sound alerts via the settings screen.
    - Have fun finding metal!

    The metal/magnetic field detector may require you to move your device close to the magnetic source (10-15cm) before a reading can be done.

    The normal ambient magnetic field is around 49 micro tesla (µT).
    If you experience very high or low deviations from this value:
    1. Ensure that you are far away from any magnetic source that might disturb the magnetometer.
    2. Calibrate the magnetometer by moving the device in a figure-8 pattern, first horizontally (with display facing upwards) and then vertically (with display facing your direction).
    3. If you are still experiencing unusual magnetic field readings then this may be because of an improper magnetometer in your device.

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