Metal Detector


Metal Detector's review

Turn your mobile device into a rudimentary metal detector.

  • It works
  • Small footprint
  • Clean user interface design
  • Doesn't work around some devices
  • Requires the sensor
  • Annoying ads

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"Find Metal With Ease"


Turn your phone into a metal detector! Okay, so you won't be going to find gold in them thar hills, but you can use this to find metal on the other side of the wall or in the couch or carpet. It's a convenient way to quickly isolate nearby metals.


It's a great way to find hidden nails or other objects. For the most part - without outside influence - it works well. The file size is quite small and the load up times were quick. The user interface has a reasonable design and the app is easy to use.


The efficacy of the app is distorted by any nearby electronic equipment. Also, if the EMF sensor in your device is malfunctioning, this app will not work. Only good for limited applications. There's ads.

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by William

Dec 23, 2015

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