Metal Detector



Turns your Android buddy into a metal detector, and show off !!!

1) Test whether conduit is present behind the wall
2) Simple security screening
4) Show off in front of your friends / girl friends / boys friends
5) De-mining in battlefield (Use it at your own risk !!!)

1) Calibration / Zero (Auto and Manual)
2) Sensitivity adjustment (with easy to adjust interface)
3) Vibration when metal is detected (so you don't need to keep stare at the tiny screen when moving around)
4) Show ambient magnetic field magnitude (in micro Tesla)
5) Stunning user interface (Easy to use !)
6) Multi-language support (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and .. more in the future)

Method of usage:
1) Run the app
2) Move you phone around a metal object, it should vibrate / beep !

* * If doesn't work, follow these steps: leave your Android phone away from all metal / RF (Radio Frequency) stuff, e.g. computer, do calibration / zero (Menu button -> Calibration) and try again

* * Sometimes, you may also need to fine tune the sensitivity (adjust the sensitivity seek bar)

* * Environment can affect the accuracy, don't blame the app, change your location if possible.

* * If the app still doesn't work, this may implies that magnetic sensor of phone is malfunction. Call customer service of phone manufacturer.

Please kindly rate it if you think the app is good, thanks very much!

*It cannot detect non-ferromagnetic metal (e.g. aluminum, gold, platinum)

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