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Add a highly customizable programmable Bluetooth control panel to your electronics projects with microController BT. Drag, drop, resize and edit widgets to build the perfect controller for your microcontroller.

While designed with the Arduino microcontroller in mind, using low cost Bluetooth transceivers, microController BT should work with most projects that support serial communication and most Bluetooth transceivers that support SPP.

microController BT outputs standard 2 byte messages. The messages contain a key (0-255) and a value (0-255). For monitoring output, it listens for a standard 3 byte message. This message should contain a key (0-255), a highByte and a lowByte representing a value (0-1023).

outgoing: (key, value)
incoming: (key, highByte(value), lowByte(value))

For simple projects, you can directly plug the standard 2 byte messages into the digitalWrite/analogWrite functions, as shown below. For more advanced projects, you may choose to listen for particular keys and route accordingly.

void setup() {
pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //set for each pin

void loop() {
if (Serial.available() >= 2) {
int key = Serial.read();
int val = Serial.read();

digitalWrite(key, val);

To send values to microController BT for monitoring, simply write the standard 3 byte message to the serial port as shown below.


microController BT also outputs standard 2 byte messages when certain application events occur. These messages are useful for projects that change based on application state.

device connected: (0, 255)
start edit mode: (0, 253)
end edit mode: (0, 254)

For more examples, see https://github.com/kvndev/microController-BT

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