Missed Call / SMS Reminder Pro

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    Missed call and SMS and Gmail reminder. The application notify you of missed calls and unread SMS and unread emails (PRO only). Reminder continue to work until: You open the call log screen or message box or you read email in gmail app, or you turn reminder off manually in application, exceed the max count you set.

    - Any combination of reminder target: call, sms, or mms, email (PRO)
     - Multi function last sms widget (PRO)
     - Multi function last call widget (PRO)
    - Count widgets (sms, gmail, missed call) (PRO)
     - No ads (PRO)
     - Black list (PRO)
     - Choose a notification sound
     - Notification repeat interval
     - Vibration
     - Different settings for sms and missed call
     - Alerts cancel
     - Visible notifications (status bar, pop-up window with quick call functions)
    - Quick call with proximity sensor (pop-up window only) (PRO)
    - Full screen pop-up window with large contact ID (photo, name, etc.)
    - Swipe views (swiping between detail views)
     - Quiet hours (21:00 - 09:00)
     - Max. alert count
     - LED notifications
     - Display wake up function
    - Full Jelly Bean, ICS, Froyo and Gingerbread support
    - Gmail priority inbox support (PRO)
    - Volume control
    - Auto silent when you set your phone in silent mode
    - Etc.

    - If the application does not work, please remove the application data or uninstall/reinstall this application.

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