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Mobile Counter | Data usage's review

Keep track of your data usage, and set monthly limits

  • Tracks WiFi & Mobile
  • Set data limits
  • Functions can be preformed by phone

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"Track Your Data"


Mobile Counter tracks your data usage, and lets you set monthly limits. It also tracks mobile data and WiFi usage separately.

It doesn't really have any problems, however all of it's functionality can be performed by most phones without this app.


Mobile counter tracks your data usage, and tells you your usage for the day, the last seven days, and the last month. You can set mobile data limits, and it tracks mobile data and WiFi usage separately.


There's not really anything wrong with this app - everything it does however can be done by most phones, without the need for an extra app, and without ads unlike this app. That said, if your phone can't do these things, this is a good app.

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by Oliver

Mar 10, 2015

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