Mobile Phone Unlocker



    Unlock your phone easily and quickly! No need to find a shop to unlock your phone - do it yourself,
    quickly and cheaply!

    ** Please note your phone is not unlocked just by installing the app! To unlock your phone you will need to follow the instructions in the app **

    Going abroad and want to avoid expensive roaming fees?

    Going abroad to work and want to use your phone but can’t because it’s locked?

    Want to sell your phone? Unlocked phones have a greater re-sale value!

    Mobile Phone Unlocker helps you unlock your phone and use it with any GSM phone network around the world!

    Use this app to:

    Unlock iPhones
    Unlock Sony Ericsson
    Unlock Samsung
    Unlock LG
    Unlock HTC
    Unlock Motorola
    Unlock Blackberries

    And more!

    Here are the 5 steps you have to follow to unlock your phone:

    1. Download the app

    2. Fill in information about your phone: phone model, the network and the IMEI of your phone

    3. Use our SECURE payment provider Zooz to make your payment. You can pay with credit card
    or with your PayPal account. All payments are made using Zooz, our secure payment provider

    4. You will receive the unlock code and instructions on how to use your code in your email

    5. Follow the instructions sent to you in an email to use the unlock code and liberate your phone!

    Important notes:

    The price for the unlock code depends on phone model and network. The price will be displayed
    after you select phone model and network.

    Full help and support is available in the app and through our email and telephone support helplines.

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