Mobile Security & Anti Theft



KNG Mobile Security allows you to locate and control your phone over SMS with our robust SMS remote command interface. A powerful anti-theft app that allows you to remotely lock, locate, or wipe your phone. Find your lost or stolen android device and prevent theft of data.

No data or wifi connection is needed. Unlike similar applications, KNG Mobile Security does not track your location send your private data to a webserver.


SMS Remote Administration

* Lock + set pin
* Wipe
* Auto wipe after number of failed login attempts
* Alarm
* Get location as Google Maps link

SMS Command Reference

Some commands may recieve arguments. The value "on" is interchangeable with "true", "1", "yes". Likewise, the value "off" is interchangeable with "false", "0", "no".

Sends location as coords or link to Google maps.

beacon on|off
Sends location as above in specified intervals.

alarm on|off
Loops a ringtone specified in settings. Default is NOTHING.

lock pin
Locks device with a pin you specify.

Wipes user data.

Command Format:

msec password cmd [option]

Example Usage:

Assuming your password has been set to mypassword123, sending the following SMS will activate the alarm:
msec mypassword123 alarm on

The following SMS will disable the alarm:
msec mypassword123 alarm off

This will lock your phone with the pin "4321":
msec mypassword123 lock 4321

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