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Mobile Tracker & Route is the best free application to track mobiles and record routes for playback.

After installing and setting this app in a mobile phone, you can log into from any PC, mobile or tablet to track this mobile, and also you can track multiple mobiles and review mobiles’ historical routes in Google map.

1. install in family members’ mobiles who need to be cared.
2. install in self's mobile phone, to record route automatically, or to find it easily in case of lost. or to send exact location SMS to rescuers in emergency(text messaging is more reliable than call) .
3. install this app in mobile phones owned by a company to manage easily.

1. Installation needs only three steps : locate successfully, connect to Internet and set log in information.
2. The app runs silently, it can restart automatically if the mobile phone shuts down and restarts.
3. The app uses a special algorithm to get very low electricity consumption and very low network traffic.
4. With GPS turned on, you can get speed information and very high accuracy(about 2 meters), however the mobile phone should be outside with a clear view of the sky and no metal objects covered. It may take several minutes to have a first fix of GPS position.
5. GPS position can also run well even without SIM card in mobile, however connection to Internet through WIFI is needed in order to upload location information .
6. Anytime's historical routes can be replayed.
7. Observer can send the command message to make the app wakeup and work properly. .
8. There can be multiple mobile phones with one log account. Select "New Log in " when installed in the first mobile and select " Add mobiles " when installed in the second or more mobiles.
9. The app can be used worldwide.
10. Any questions, please contact

Permission Description:
1. Receive SMS messages: receive command message sent by observer to resume normal operation.
2. Send SMS messages: give observer a reply of location message when command message is received, or send location message to rescuers in emergency.
3. Locate: locate mobile phones' location via GPS or network.
4. Connect to Internet: upload mobile phone's position in order to view by logging

Use of Mobile Tracker & Route may violate the privacy of others, you are required to obtain others’ consent before installing, and the application can only be used within the scope permitted by law.

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