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== End Of Life October 2015: Mobile Vikings decided to close down their API v2 in favor of a new API. Because there is now an official Mobile Vikings app, I'm not going to implement this new API ==

★ No ads ★
★ Smaller and faster than free version ★

If you want to give feedback or report bugs, do not post them as comments on Google Play. Use the Give Feedback option inside the application, or use the online platform:

An application that enables Mobile Vikings users to view some information of their Mobile Vikings account.
Currently supported:
• Remaining smses to non MV
• Remaining smses to MV
• Remaining credits
• Remaining free calling seconds to MV
• Remaining data
• Widget (view all of the above in a widget)
• Usage of the current day
• Possible to reload by sending an sms
• Possible to automatic reload every X hours
• And much more..

When used on bigger screen sizes the information is showed next to each other instead of with tabs
Mobile Vikings:

- Fixed corrupt library

- Added the newly added price plans of MV
- Fixed some smaller issues

- Fix for the changed Mobile Vikings certificate (it is possible again to log in and renew your information on Android 2.1)

- Fixed some little bugs

- Fix for the widgets
- Showing other SIM accounts is tested and should work (if not: contact me)

- Improved statistics

- Another attempt to fix the problem with a quote in the name

- Fixed issue when there is an apostrophe in the name of the user

- Fixed issue when going back to previous day too fast

- Added the number of calls
- Also fixed issue with SwitchPreference not available for older phones
- Added possibility to reload data sim only cards

- Fixed a bug when there is a quote in the alias name
- Fixed a problem with isEmpty that isn't supported on older phones

- Added statistics page (more features coming)
- Able to go back in time in the usage
- Added swipe navigation for usage
- Better support for multi-sim

- On older phones the menu icons are changed to be visible on white background
- Clicking on top right application icon will go back to main window

- Small bug fix
- Fixed layout problem with long aliases (or small screens) that took all up the screen width
- Added a new widget for data-only sim cards (requested feature)
- Share referral link from app (requested feature)

- Added new widget and updated old widget (remove of old widget will be required when updating)
- Added @ndsmyter Twitter and Facebook link to about page
- Added link to site for Feedback
- More scalable images added

- Fixed issue with a line of code that only worked in Android 3.0 and up

- Easy bundle topup with an SMS (Menu button > SMS Reload Bundle > Choose topup type > Send sms)
- Fixed issue with focus on login screen

- Users can choose the font size of the widget

- Added support for multiple sims

- Automatic update in background feature
- Added internal changelog
- Fixed issue because of wrong encoding

- Added the remaining seconds of free call time to MV
- Fixed issues with multiple sims
- Fixed issue with crashing when logging in

- Settings are added. Currently only a small amount of settings are available, there will be added later

- The name of the user is shown in usage instead of phone number if the person is known
- Fixed crash when no available internet connection

- "Is expired" field is removed (now the text "Valid until" will change to "Expired since")
- Fixed the bug when no username or no password were provided
- Updated the Usage layout

- Application added to Google Play

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