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remark: the mobile vikings API is not supported for dutch users (please contact MV directly for more information). For this reason app installs are disabled in the Netherlands to avoid confusion (or bad reviews) for a problem I can't resolve

An application to view your recent Mobile Vikings information. This information includes:

-Current balance state and number of free sms's and calls left
-Your recent history (calls, sms, data usage). This includes contact pictures and the possibility to add a contact
-Sim-card information (eg pin/puk/..)
possibility to use password protection
-Top-up history
-Viking points information
used Viking Points, referal link, Viking Points left
-Mobile Vikings contact information
reach MV in one single click by phone/mail/twitter
-Estimates of the current usage
Calculate how many calls and messages you can sent if your bundle expires
-Full OAUTH and/or XAUTH support
secure authentication that won't store your mobile vikings password on your phone
-multiple widgets
-number checker
You can see if a user is a mobile viking or not
-refresh status every x hours (configurable)
-topup per sms
If enabled with mobile vikings
auto-set APN settings
only possible for devices before android 4 (ICS) due google restrictions

For Dutch users: please note that Mobile Vikings hase NO API yet for you guys (There's only an API for Belgium).
If elements won't work because you're with please contact them, because this is beyond what I (and other app builders) can do.
Please, keep in mind that this app is created in free time
When you encounter bugs, please take contact per mail, it's impossible to correctly debug using the user reviews of the play market. Also, if you have remarks, please take contact per email (as stated at the bottom of this box). I rather have a converstion on why certain elements are like they are (eg ads,..).

There is no link between MobileVikings and this application other than the API usage.


Help translating:


small reaction on comments:
-forced closings are fixed (or new will be fixed as soon as somebody is as kindly to notify me per mail)
-ads are placed because I spent (a lot) of my free time in this app, when somebody sponsors the app I would delete them immediately
-small widget is fixed with a second (bigger) widget since 1.2.5
-remarks on the UI could be sent per mail, I'm not a designer so I appreciate all help with that.

Tags: mobile vikings 4.0 , viking

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