Mosquito Repellent Pro

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    THE #1 APP FOR REPELLING MOSQUITOS and completely ad free!
    Don't deal with itchy and nasty bug bites as you walk outside ever again!
    This app will emit a sound mosquitos associate with natural predators to repel them. This sound comes in two different very high frequencies that most humans can't hear, but mosquitos can. This was done to maximize your comfort as you use this app! As there are many species of mosquitos we have chosen different natural predators and different frequencies so you can repel as many different types of mosquitos as possible! We have also made the app as easy to use as possible; with a simple click of a button the sound starts playing. The sound will also time out within 10 minutes to conserve battery life. While the sound is playing you are completely free to navigate away from the app, you do not have to stay on that screen.
    We made this app as easy,efficient, and effective as possible!
    ★ Future updates containing more frequencies coming for absolutely free!

    Email me if you have any issues or concerns.