Mosquito Repellent



The app play sounds that the insects dislike.
Or at least should dislike.
Those are natural mosquito predators sounds. Dragonfly, frog, bat, scary 18 kHz and 22 kHz.
To top it all, just today we have also our superior flamenco sound to kill mosquitos on the spot!
(OK, just kidding about killing, but seriously - have you ever seen a single mosquito during flamenco party?)

Keep the application close to you and enjoy the outdoors without mosquitos around.

There are about 3500 known mosquito species in the world and they all react slightly different to the sonic repellers. Use different sounds provided to find optimal repelling mix for the mosquitos in your region.

Options 18kHz and 22kHz work only in support of high-frequency speaker audio.

Keywords: insects, Anti Mosquito, bat, frog, dragonfly, prevention, ultrasonic, sonic

Use at your own risk. Works best with smashing insects.

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