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Move 2 SD is an app that makes a list of movable and non-movable apps and allows you to move them to the SDcard

  • List of movable and non-movable app
  • Friendly-user interface
  • Notification when a movable app is instaleld
  • Non-movable to SD
  • Crashes and forceclosings reported
  • It sometimes incorrectly displays some unmovable apps as movable

"Free your internal phone storage by moving apps to the SDcard"

As you install more applications on your Android could happens that you reach your internal storage limit. Since you need it to let your phone works properly, you should free storage by moving those movable apps to the SDcard. In this sense, "Move 2 SD" helps you out to perform that.

Once you've installed it, it makes a list of movable and non-movable apps. Since then you will be able to move apps to the SD card one-by-one or all at the same time, just by tapping on them. You can also do it in reverse: move back from SDcard to the internal storage. What's more, it will notify you when a movable app is installed.

Apart from the app moving feature, Move 2 SD works as a app manager. It shows you the available size on devices, app details page, app size and you will be able to uninstall from there. Its ease of use it's due to its interface: a top-bar with three categories: "Movable", "On SDcard", "Phone only", and a bottom-bar with a free storage indicator, and the button to move to the SD. That easy.

It has some flaws though: first, and more important, paradoxically the app cannot be moved to the SD. What's more, some crashes has been reported. And finally, it incorrectly displays some unmovable apps as movable.

Move 2 SD has been developed by Antoine Vianey, an individual developer who's mainly focused on the development of app manager and taskillers. He has launched a half-dozen of apps remarkably success. But some of them, could be improved, as the one we're reviewing.

Move 2 SD could certainly be improved in many aspects. We like its user-friendly interface and its aimed performance, and we hope it will better after a few updates. Until them, we can only give it, three stars.

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