mProtect Antivirus Bundle



mProtect antivirus solution is the world’s leading android protection software. mProtect was founded on the conviction that Android users across the globe both require and deserve complete mobile protection.

mProtect is one APP with 11 amazing features.

Key features include:

Antivirus Protection

It's nice knowing that someone has your back, and when you
install mProtect Antivirus you know you are protected at all times.
With a deep scan option as well as automatic new app
scans - you know that viruses, malware and trojans don't stand a chance.

• Detects threats consisting of Virus, Trojans,
Malware, Spyware, PUAs, Aggressive Adware, and more
• Deep Scan & SD Scan
• Real–Time Protection Automatically scans new apps

mProtect's industry leading virus scanning technology has been
reviewed and rated highly by an independent 3rd party antivirus
testing authority. This technology allows for a very high percentage
rate of successful malware detection along with statistically zero
false positives.


Put your phone on lockdown from security and privacy risks! With
mProtect Security you can view a list of all you apps and their
permissions in an easy to understand format, with possible risks
prioritized and highlighted, and then chose what to trust and what to

• Full Permissions Audit on All Apps for Security & Privacy Risks
Trusted Apps List Management


Keep your private information private with mProtect's Privacy
Protector. Quickly clear text messages, market searches, browser
history, call logs, map history and other potentially sensitive
information all in one place - quick and easy!

• Clears up to 9 Sensitive Data Logs with one click

Your phone is loaded with important information, but what if
you were to lose it? With mProtect Backup you can have
peace of mind knowing that your photos, videos, contacts,
SMS messages, MMS messages and phone logs are backed up
safely. If your phone is ever lost, stolen or destroyed this
information can easily be retrieved from the cloud using
another phone or any computer that has internet access.

Safe, secure and easily accessible - what more could you need?

Signal Booster

Never lose an important call to bad reception again with
mProtect Signal Booster. Not only does this feature strengthen your
signal with the mere tap of a finger, but enhanced navigation systems
display the relative positioning of nearby cell phone towers so you
never need to be out of range when you need it most.

Phone Tracker

It is anybody's nightmare to lose their phones with all the
valuable information store on their devices. The Phone
Tracker gives Android users peace of mind keeping their
devices safe and secure. By logging into,
users can locate their lost device on a Google Map

mProtect - Complete Mobile Safety

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