Mr. Mouse (Beta)



Mr Mouse works with your windows computer as a Computer Mouse and Keyboard.

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Connection
Touch Pad controlled Mouse Pointer
Motion Controlled Mouse Pointer
Two Finger Page Scroll
Pinch To Zoom
Keyboard input

NOTE: Java JRE 1.6+ and the Mr. Mouse Server must be installed on the host computer.

The computer mouse can be used like a touch pad or a motion controller (beta) and connects to your computer over your local Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth connection. (Server Required see bottom).
The motion controller uses images taken from your devices rear facing camera to determine its motion, translating this information into real time pointer movements on your monitor. When the camera mouse is enabled an indicator light will appear at the top centre of your screen, this indicates the quality the image that your devices camera is "seeing". If the indicator light is red when your device is still, then you need to point the camera at something with more distinguishable features, try pointing it at your keyboard for example. If it turns red while in use then you need to slow down your movements, try increasing the sensitivity of the camera mouse in the settings menu.

If you are experiencing slow or jittery movements of the mouse pointer when using the touch pad ensure that your wireless adapter, on your computer, is not set to power save mode. This is a current bug with the app that will be solved soon.

This is a beta release so you may encounter some bugs.

This application requires Server Download (Windows Only, for now... )

Server Download:

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