MTG Core 2012 Booster Pack



* If you have requests for other boosters, or additional features you would like to see, please send me an email.

MTG: Magic the Gathering Core 2012 is an application that lets you simulate opening booster packs on your phone. It's great for learning a new set, mock drafts with cards laying around the house, checking out probabilities of getting certain cards, or for letting kids open pack after pack without having to spend money on boosters.

Users can simulate opening a booster pack which will have 10 randomly chosen commons, 3 uncommons, 1 land, and 1 rare / ultrarare (odds are 1 in 8 packs for the ultra rare).

The packs are saved so you can go back to them, and cards can be viewed as a list, grid of images, or close ups of the card. You can also delete packs or rename them by long clicking on the pack in the list.

In the grid view or list view of the pack, you can click on a card to go to the close up view of the card.

If you have tons of cards laying around, this app is perfect for re-creating a booster pack so you can always redraft with the cards you have without having to spend any more money on new boosters.

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