MTG Life & Poison Counter Free



This app is a minimalistic life counter (and a poison-counter counter) dedicated for your Magic: the Gathering tournament/FNM convenience.

Employs a layout with large text for the other side of table to see.

New Functions:
- "Wakelock" can now be toggled by clicking life total. Click player A's life total to turn it on, B to turn off. Wakelock means to keep screen on indefinitely.

- White Mode is now available in additional to the original Dark Mode. Users with IPS-display handsets (e.g. LG Optimus TrueHD) will experience significantly lower power consumption with white mode.

- large Life point display for both players to see
- keep track of Poison counters (optional)
- large buttons to adjust life and poison
- Ability to prevent screen from going off
- Roll a 20-sided die and Flip a coin with timestamp shown
- app2SD

Additional Information: For the legality of digital life counter in Magic: the Gathering sanctioned tournaments, please refer to the latest floor rule.

Please feel free to check out the ad-free version which features a much larger life point display and with multiplayer Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH or Commander) support.

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