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    MULTIWINDOW Apps Manager allows you to add more apps to the Multiwindow traybar of Samsung devices that have MULTIWINDOW feature like the Galaxy NOTE 3. PLEASE see compatible devices and Android version below to make sure your device is supported or not as some older devices with Android version below 4.3 are not supported although they have the Multiwindow feature.

    NOTE I: This app requires a ROOTED device. If you don't know what rooted is, then more likely your device is not rooted so please don't install if you are not sure if you have a rooted device.

    NOTE II: This app only adds apps you select into the multiwindow app list and has nothing to do with how multiwindow function works. It seems that in EDIT mode, that is when you are adding apps from the edit list to the traybar, the wrong app is being added. This is because Samsung did not make the multiwindow edit list to support more than 32 apps at the same time. This is a shortcoming in the part of the samsung multiwindow code and has nothing to do with this app.

    NOTE III: Just because you can add more apps in the Multiwindow traybar does not mean you have to add all your apps. Based on experience, not all apps are multiwindow-friendly and adding too many apps causes the multiwindow traybar to lag or slow down so BE WARNED.

    Galaxy S5 and variants
    Galaxy Note 3 and variants
    Galaxy S4 and variants
    Galaxy Mega
    Galaxy Grand Duos
    Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, 10.1, 12.2
    Galaxy Note 12.2
    Galaxy Note 10.1
    Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)
    Galaxy Note 8
    Galaxy Tab 8
    Galaxy Note 2 (with JB 4.3 only)
    Galaxy Note 1 (only those using X-ROM, N8XT & N1XT ROMs)

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