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No password application should ever require Internet Permissions. DO NOT USE any password application that asks for Internet Permissions. You don’t know where your data is going! MyPasswords does not. It only requires SD-Card read/write permissions.

What also makes MyPasswords different for all the other password applications is that the app uses your master password as part of the encryption key of the saved file. No one other than you can decrypt your passwords.

MyPasswords uses a four field record to save your data: Account Name, Username, Password and Notes. Each field can be up to 255 characters. In addition you can save two images for each password. Pictures can be your license, credit cards, and insurance cards. All images are encrypted and saved in the MyPasswords database.

The password file is saved in the /Android/data/myPasswords directory for easy archiving. It uses your master password as part of the 256 bit AES encryption key so that no one else can decode your file without the master password.

Using MyPasswords will allow you to use unique and stronger passwords for you internet transactions. You can quickly look up your passwords and change them just as easily.

5 minute inactivity timer closes the application.

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