MyCell Femtocell Monitor



MyCell is a utility targeting the emerging Mobile Small Cell Community. It provides a visual indication when a mobile device is camped onto a femtocell.

Mobile operators have a variety of network configuration options that will bias cell selection towards a femtocell. This tool will provide a simple means to verify such configurations by demonstrating that the mobile is camped onto an in-range femtocell.

Reliably camping onto a femtocell will pave the way to interesting new services that can take advantage of small cell provided location, low cost / high bandwidth backhaul and "5 bars" signal strength.

Configuration is simple. With the mobile device, go extremely close to the femtocell and, from the menu, press the "Select MyCell" button. From this point, the 'Current Cell' ID will be associated to the femtocell. To verify that the femtocell has been selected, move beyond the coverage area so that another cell is selected (as indicated by the red circular shape over the femtocell graphic).

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