This Zakah application was developed by the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF). It will help you calculate your Zakah as well as gets the latest gold and silver prices to work out the current Nisaab value. The Zakah App is based on research and knowledge gained over 40 years.

myZakahZA was developed for the South African market, owing to the number of international downloads, we have released myZakah.

You can now set your local currency details under settings, based on your phone settings, and it will retrieve the necessary currency data required to fetch the Nisaab data in the selected currency.

After fetching the latest Nisaab data, can begin your Zakah calculation. If no data is returned, it will use default Nisaab and currency settings.

Please note: Read Phone State permissions are added by the compiler by default. The app uses it at most to get the device id. No personal or private data is collected by the app in any way.The Internet permissions are used for retrieving the latest Nisaab and Currency values.

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