Nairo Hangul Black & White



Nairo the Keyboard the Hangul conveniently the input YAFFS started the developed Android smartphone shows the keypad of.

● By default, all keyboard Nairo keyboard swipe the way you can be up to two characters.
- Effectively divided into consonants and vowels, very convenient.
- Ssangjaeum input from the consonant is to swipe left.
ex) [ㅋ ㄱ] first key: [ㅋ ← ㄱ] ㄱeseo ㅋeuro ear, please is.

● English QWERTY keyboard above the numbers (0-9) is convenient to have more input.

● editing features easier to modify a sentence or word Go ahead, try it
- Block a word or phrase you want appointed to Copy, Paste, Cot, Delete can be.

● examples feature just type the characters more easily.
- Can. Thank you. Hello? During the meeting is a. There are a variety of examples.

Now you from Android the most effective the keypad, Try!

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