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NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translator Free allows you to translate sentences into their NATO alphabet equivalent. Use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to spell out important information as in your full name, postal code, street name, phone number, etc. For example, in English the letter 'A' translates into the word 'Alpha' in the NATO Alphabet Phonetic Language. The letter 'B' would be translated into the word 'Bravo' and so on.

Download the PAID version which allows you to save your favorite translations and it also includes the ability to translate words into any of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The following features are included in this version of NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translator (Free):

★ Simple and intuitive interface;
★ Reads loudly after translation;
★ Translate word in English into the NATO Alphabet equivalent;
★ Supports text-to-speech;
★ Auto saves last translation on exit;
★ Application can speak entire word or sentence;
★ English sentences are translated into any of the following languages: English;
★ Sentences or words can be spoken by the application in any of the languages previously mentioned;
★ Supports tablet devices;

Please follow these steps to enable/install text-to-speech on your phone device if it is not already enabled/installed:

★ To check whether your phone has text-to-speech capabilities go to Menu -> Settings -> Voice Input & Output -> Text-To-Speech settings.
★ On phone models running Android 1.6 go to Menu -> Settings -> Speech Synthesis.
★ If the Pico TTS engine is not installed, please install it by clicking "Install Voice Data".
★ To select the default speech engine, speech rate, or to specify your default settings, go to Text-To-Speech settings as described previously.

When you download NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translator (Free) you are entitled to free product updates and we are pleased to announce that in the next major release for NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translator we will be including the following features:

★ The ability to speak into the phone and have your speech translated to text (speech-to-text);
★ The ability to translate text to morse code;
★ The ability to translate text to the American Sign Language equivalent;


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