N.E.A.K. Configurator Pro




(Some basic features now supported on other kernels) :)

*** ROOT & BUSYBOX Required for proper operation of this app ***

This App is for controlling the NEAK kernel options without having to use the CWM Recovery. This App is also used for downloading the NEAK kernel OTA updater App. This Pro App is also for advanced control of key hardware components.

*** IMPORTANT: For "Set on boot" to work you MUST click on "Set on boot" BEFORE clicking "Apply". Just ticking "Set on boot" will not activate set on boot, "Apply" button MUST be pushed after ticking the box. Te ensure "Set on boot" is active, close the app and re-open, and "Set on boot" should still be ticked if it is active. (If it is not ticked and you did hit apply after ticking the box, then your init.d folder is set to read only, and needs to be set to allow writing to this folder) ***

The current options that this Pro App can control are:

Conservative Governor
Lionheart Tweaks (for Conservative Governor)
Lazy Governor
Aftr Idle Mode
Ext4 Boost Optimisations
CPU Max/Min Frequencies
CPU Governor and I/O Scheduler
CPU Voltages
GPU Frequencies & Voltages
Second Core Mode Control, including hotplug thresholds
Charging current control
Basic screen gamma & min_bl

Note: NEAK kernel options settings require a reboot for the relevant modules to be loaded or removed

The NEAK kernel options gives 2 options for applying settings, you can apply setting and reboot later, or apply settings and reboot now The NEAK OTA section of this app will show the current installation status of the NEAK OTA Updator App and have a button for downloading the App.

The CPU, GPU, Voltage and Misc options all have the ability to set the settings on boot. The "Set on boot" checkbox must be checked BEFORE applying settings. Once checked it will remain applying all settings on boot until unchecked and apply pressed again.

For help with this app, please go to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1561592

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