Network flow manager



Users through the "Network Traffic Management> at any time to monitor your network traffic.

Provide features:
(1) the monthly network usage traffic will soon exceed or exceeded alert the user from the set value is defined.
(2) the cost of telecommunications balance sheet date, automatically flow to zero of the previous month to recalculate.
(3) to provide daily and monthly 3G and WIFI traffic reports.
(4) to provide stand-alone program of traffic reports.
(5) three languages​​, English, Japanese.

is only available to upload and download totals not calculated separately,
Users to download only to billing, or upload before billing, Not suitable for use.
(2) When an independent program is deleted, set the report of the independent procedure to empty the
Otherwise the traffic statistics of the stand-alone program that may occur calculation error, but
This issue does not affect the flow of 3G and WIFI monthly statistics.
(3) This software is free and no ads.
(4) Similar software: 3G WATCHDOG

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