Network Tools - Free



A set of tools for network admins.

it includes:
- Ping
- Whois
- DNS Lookup
- IP Geolocation (with map)
- Detection of your IP address
- TCP port scan
- DNSBL Checks (DNS BlackLists, more than 30 providers)
- HTTP Headers inspection
- Get manufacturer name from MAC address prefix
- Get service assigned by IANA to a TCP/UDP port
- Netmask / CIDR converter
- Decimal, binary, hexadecimal converters
- Hash (md5, sha1, ... ) (more than 30 algos)
- advanced subnet / CIDR calculator
- RFC search and read

This free app has ads.
If you want a paid version of this app (without ads), please check our other applications.

Next release should be before October 2012.
Some bugfixes are already planned.
New tools, and improvements to the existing ones, are already in construction!
(such as traceroute, Wake on Lan, and a really better CIDR/Netmask calculator)

This app only uses HTTP connections (to a server that handles all the requests), so it is usable with every type of connection (3G, 4G, Wifi, ...)

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If you find some stuff that do not work or some bugs, please email us at:

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