Neverwinter Character Spy



Neverwinter Character Spy allows you to login to the Gateway, and input your friends (or PvP enemies!) Char Name, and @Handle, and instantly view their character sheet!

--Version 1.0.1 Added!--
Added in the ability to view the Guild of a Character you are spying on!

Internet access
Valid Neverwinter account in good standing (to be able to login to the gateway)
Proper Capitalization of a player's char name, and handle.

How To?
Follow the instructions in-app and they will allow you to jump right in on the spying!
Also, check the images for more information..
Just remember you do not have to put the @, in the @handle, just the text that proceeds it.

Note: Do not use your device's Back Key while in the app, it will exit you from the gateway, it's highly recommended to store your password if prompted, it will save u time in the future :)

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