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Next Manual is designed to work best on Next Launcher. It provides helpful instructions for a variety of features and functions.
If you want to use Next Launcher more effectively and enjoy more amazing features, download and read “Next Manual”.

Next Manual includes:
- Screenshots
- Detailed instructions

Part 1: Home Screen
- Icon arrangement settings
- Select icons by gesture
- Arrange icons by gesture
- Next Key
- Landscape mode

Part 2: Dock
- Swipe left and right
- Add icons on Dock

Part 3: App Drawer
- Add icons to screen
- Select icons
- Hide apps
- Search

Part 4: Folder
- Create folder on screen
- Create folder in App Drawer

Part 5: Gesture
- Open home screen menu
- Show notification
- Gesture on Dock

Part 6: Widget
- Add Next or GO widget
- Add system widget
- Edit Next or GO widget

Part 7: Visual
- Icon editor
- Mix theme mode
- Floating mode
- Effects settings

Part 8: More
- Notification
- Version features

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